2020 - 2021 AAEOY Award Ceremony

1:30pm - 4pm PDT, Sunday, July 18 2021
Hosted by CIE/USA – SF Bay Area Chapter

Main Content & Keynote: Engineer’s Contribution, Innovation Fueled by Diversity, GPU Accelerated leading AI history and future, Equal opportunity Innovation.

Welcome by the Master of Ceremonies
Opening Remark - AAEOY Chair, Raymond Y. Chen

Welcome Speech - Dr. William Perry

Presentation of Awards Part I

Asian American Executive of the Year
  ⮚ Mr. Steven Yahata, VP, The Boeing Company
  ⮚ Dr. Mukesh Khare, VP, IBM
  ⮚ Dr. Gurshaman Baweja, SVP/CIO, Texas Instruments
  ⮚ Ms. Jennifer Zhao, EVP/GM, AMS

Presentation of Awards Part II

Distinguished Leadership in Technology Award
  ⮚ Ms. Anne Chow, CEO, AT&T Business

Asian American Engineer of the Year
  ⮚ Dr. Zhi Li, AT&T
  ⮚ Dr. Shuqing Zeng, General Motors
  ⮚ Dr. Xingcheng Xiao, General Motors R&D Center
  ⮚ Dr. Bo Song, Sandia National Laboratories
  ⮚ Mr. Cao Nguyen, Naval Air Warfare Center

Presentation of Awards Part III

Keynote - Dr. Naveed Hussain, CTO, Boeing

Asian American Engineer of the Year
  ⮚ Mr. Morteza Safai, The Boeing Company
  ⮚ Mr. Pratik Gupta, IBM
  ⮚ Dr. Khanh Pham, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
  ⮚ Col. Danielle Ngo, Executive Officer, U.S. Army Inspector General Agency

Presentation of Awards Part IV

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award
  ⮚ Mr. Jensen Huang, Founder, President and CEO, NVIDIA

Asian American Most Promising Engineer of the Year
  ⮚ Mr. Jacky-Vy Chau, The Boeing Company
  ⮚ Dr. Emad Aqad, DuPont Electronics & Imaging
  ⮚ Dr. Dong Ding, Idaho National Laboratory
  ⮚ Ms. Poonam Aggarwal, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division
  ⮚ Ms. Indu Shukla, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Closing Remark - Executive Committee Chair, Brian Pan
End of the Program